MOLLUSCUM_chicago_dermatologySummer brings out lots of fun times including play dates and pool parties. Molluscum is something to look out for during the summer with increased pool time and the potential for children to share towels. Below gives you more information about what to look for.

Molluscum Contagiosum is a very common viral infection of the skin, especially in children, that appears as small bumps. These bumps may occur on any part of the body and can usually number from only a few to 100 or more. Sometimes these bumps can become itchy and the surrounding skin can become irritated.  Molluscum is contagious and can spread from place to place on the body by scratching. They can also be spread to other people by skin to skin contact.

Most Molluscum infections will resolve on their own in about 1-2 years, however since they can easily spread, become irritated, or get infected, treatment is recommended. Treatment depends on many factors including: number of lesions, location, and the age of the patient. These treatments include freezing the Molluscum with liquid nitrogen which can sting a little bit. Another method is physically removing the lesions by scraping them off which can also be uncomfortable. Painless options include applying a blistering agent in the office which is washed off at home in around 4 hours. There are no oral treatments used to resolve the molluscum. Regardless of the treatment, it usually takes multiple visits to the office spaced about 3 weeks apart to clear up the Molluscum completely since new lesions appear over time.

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