Drop Logo Non-surgical tissue tightening of lax skin has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. Patients often ask what the difference is between our tissue tightening devices, vShape and Pelleve, and Ultherapy.  The short answer is our devices utilize radiofrequency energy while Ultherapy utilizes ultrasound. Ultimately they do the same thing.

When considering adding new treatments or devices to our practice, we seriously evaluate the efficacy, safety, side effects, pain level and cost to our patients. A few years ago we decided to expand our tissue tightening devices to include vShape for the lower face, neck and body. We evaluated many devices including vShape and Ultherapy.

Research showed that both devices achieve virtually the same results. vShape took a few more treatments though, had no reported side effects, and was an almost painless treatment. While Ultherapy required fewer treatments to achieve the same results, it had a number of serious reported side effects and was a very painful treatment. The cost of both treatment programs is similar once all treatments are combined and considered.

Armed with all this data, we made the decision to offer vShape to our patients. It is a safer, more comfortable treatment and yields the same results. We have been happy with our decision.

This informational piece was written by our very own Laser Provider Erin DeVita, CMLSO. If you need to set up an appointment with Erin for your laser treatments you can call us at 773.276.1100, email us, or click here.