Here is your healthy reminder before the end of the year: please don’t put off your annual skin exam!  If caught early, most skin cancers will only require minor secondary procedures or surgeries. To best prepare you and our team for your skin exam, please read below to make the most of your time spent with us.

•    Collect a solid family health history. Unfortunately, some forms of skin cancer can be hereditary. Your provider may want to see you        more often depending on your family or personal history of skin cancer.
•    Get to know yourself! Be sure to screen your body before your exam, you are your best historian.
•    Come prepared and don’t hesitate to show us any lesions that are new, changing, or not healing.
•    No need to get ready for your exam. Skin exams are more accurate when you come free of makeup, that includes nail polish!

•    A gown will be provided at the time of your exam for modesty and comfort. Our team understands how up close and personal these exams can be and take great care to make you feel comfortable.
•    Our Providers will visually evaluate your skin. Skin is everywhere and that means skin cancers can occur even where the sun doesn’t shine! We use dermatoscopes, a specialized magnification device, to further evaluate moles or any lesions of concern. We will feel the skin for textural changes, one of the best ways to detect skin cancers and pre-cancers, especially those that occur on the face.
•    If a suspicious lesion is found during your exam, we will use local anesthesia to numb the area before taking a biopsy or surgically removing a lesion of concern. If you have a biopsy or removal it will be sent out to our Pathologist for further evaluation. Final results are usually available in a week. We perform most skin cancer removal surgeries in office; if needed you will be referred to a specialist.

Always remember, yearly skin exams are the easiest of your annual screenings. Please take them seriously, they may save your life!

To schedule your annual exam, click here, email or call 773-276-1100.