Visia Analysis

Objective Skin Care Consultations

Whether it’s an anti-aging or acne consultation with one of our providers, or an in-store consultation with one of our licensed aestheticians at Skin1765, we are committed to helping you achieve amazing results. Utilizing the Visia Skin Complexion Analysis System, we are able to provide an objective and quantitative assessment of your skin health. By providing a comprehensive photo evaluation, Visia allows your provider to create a customized treatment plan just for you! Visia photos are a great way to track your progress, adjust treatment or products when necessary, and continue with what works.

When you look in the mirror multiple times a day, it’s difficult to notice improvements as they are taking place. Visia allows for unbiased and consistent “before and after” photos, so you can truly see how far you’ve come on your skincare journey.

Pairing Visia analysis with realistic expectations and compliance in using your prescribed home care products, we are confident you can achieve more healthy- looking skin!

There are many factors that can contribute to calculating Visia scores. Varying degrees of inflammation in the skin, due to weather and indoor heating, having a cold or allergies, experiencing a breakout, and sun exposure are all factors in calculating “Red Areas.” Sun exposure also plays a vital role in your “UV Spots” or “Brown Spots” scores. Since we know that exposure to the sun or UV light is the number one cause of skin aging, it comes as no surprise that prolonged exposure will generate a reading of more damage, wrinkles, pigment, and inflammation resulting in a higher “TruSkinAge” reading.

Thankfully, we are able to improve the appearance of inflammation, pigment, acne, texture, and wrinkles with the topical products we use and the many in-office treatments available.  With consistent use and strict sun avoidance, we can improve our overall skin health and appearance and therefore reduce our “TruSkinAge” significantly.

Visia consultations are always complimentary and do not require an appointment. Stop by Skin1765 anytime to start tracking your skincare success! The best part? We offer 20% off your purchase of 4 or more products at the time of your consult, and each time you have follow up photos taken. You’ll also be entered into our monthly Visia raffle for your chance to win a $200 gift card to Skin1765!



Baseline Visia taken 3/28/18

Visia taken after sun exposure 8/16/18

Visia taken after regular use of topical products and total avoidance of sun exposure 10/30/18