Vitiligo is a disorder in which skin cells lose the ability to make pigment. This leads to areas of pigment loss on the skin. The severity of the condition can vary between patients from a single, small area of pigment loss, to widespread involvement.

Who gets Vitiligo?

The exact cause of Vitiligo is unknown, but affects men and women equally, has a genetic component and can begin at any age.

What are the treatments for Vitiligo?

Sun avoidance and protection: Since there is loss of pigment in the skin, strict sun avoidance to the affected areas is very important. The affected areas are very susceptible to burning and damage from the sun. If sun avoidance is not possible, sun protective clothing or adequate sunscreen is strongly recommended. 

Topical treatments: Topical steroids, prescribed by your dermatologist, can help improve the condition with minimal negative side effects. Other topical treatments may be recommended for areas on the face or eyelids.

Light treatment: XTRAC phototherapy is a safe and effective treatment for Vitiligo. This light treatment works on multiple levels to help restore pigment to focal areas. The treatment does require the patient to come into the office 2-3 times per week and can take weeks to months before improvement is seen.

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