Molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin infection that manifests as small bumps that can be scattered throughout the body. An itchy and red rash can also occur in the affected areas.

Who Gets Molluscum?

Molluscum spread from person to person via direct skin contact and possibly through shared items, such as towels. Children and babies are much more likely to catch molluscum than teens and adults.

What Are The Treatments For Molluscum?

While molluscum can resolve on their own, it can take months to years for them to resolve. During that time, the spots can spread or become bothersome and itch. Therefore, it is recommended that the lesions are treated. It is important to note that it often takes multiple treatments (visits) before all lesions are fully resolved. Additionally, new lesions may form in between treatments. Consistent follow up visits can optimize treatment success.

Canthacur: The first line of treatment is a topical solution called Canthacur or “Beetle Juice”. This solution is placed on the individual lesions in the office and causes the lesions to become irritated and red. This allows the body’s immune system to recognize the virus and fight it off on its own.

Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy: Similar to warts, molluscum can be treated with liquid nitrogen.  Liquid nitrogen causes inflammation, and sometimes blistering, to target and treat the molluscum lesions.

While these are the main treatments, there are some at home treatments (Zymaderm) and oral treatments (Cimetidine) that usually have less efficacy than the above recommendations, but can be used in conjunction for resistant molluscum.

Whatever treatment is recommended, it is important to be patient as multiple treatments are necessary to completely resolve molluscum.

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