Birthmarks are lesions that are either present at birth, or appear shortly after birth. While most birth marks are benign, you or your child should be evaluated if the lesion grows, changes rapidly or becomes bothersome. There are many treatments available for the varying conditions.

What are different types of birthmarks?

Some common birthmarks include:

Congenital nevi: Nevi are moles or pigmented lesions that can sometimes grow dark coarse hair.

Hemangiomas: These are red, soft raised bumps. They usually decrease in size on their own, but it can take years for this to happen.

Port-Wine Stains: These birthmarks are large red or pink patches sometimes called ‘stork bites’.


It is expected and not a cause for concern if any birthmark grows in proportion with you or your child. If there is any rapid change, you should make an appointment to have the concerning spot evaluated.

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