by Jessica Kuykendall

While practicing social distancing and adhering to travel bans and other safety precautions this year, we may have found ourselves spending more time indoors. But, don’t put your sunscreen away just yet! Between working and learning remotely, endless Zoom meetings, and scrolling through social media, our screens have become increasingly integral to daily life, and with that comes increased exposure to HEV light.

Light that is visible to humans ranges between wavelengths of 400 – 700nm, anything outside of this range is invisible to us. Blue (HEV) light ranges from 380 – 500nm and falls between invisible UV light (100 – 30nm) and the rest of the visible light spectrum.

High Energy Visible light, also known as blue light, is emitted by not only sunlight, but also artificial light sources such as overhead fluorescent lights, your tv, computer, and phone screens, and other digital devices. Exposure is unavoidable, and it causes similar photoaging damage to our skin as UVA! Hyperpigmentation, breakdown of collagen and elastin, skin laxity, and an increase in wrinkles are all produced by blue light. Sounds pretty scary, but the good news is that protecting yourself isn’t as out of reach as you might think.

Research is ongoing, but studies show that iron oxides (the stuff that gives your tinted sunscreen it’s pigment) provide enhanced protection against blue light, especially when included in a formula containing zinc oxide, like Colorescience Total Protection Face Shield. There’s a good chance you’re already using a blue light blocking product. Many antioxidants, such as SkinBetter Alto Defense, also protect against HEV light. The following is a list of our favorite blue light blocking products available at skin1765.

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