Clarity Rx Down + Dirty Detoxifying Charcoal MicroExfoliant


A detoxifying charcoal microexfoliant that rejuvenates skin and refines pores. This stimulating mask lifts away dirt, dull skin, micropollutants, and impurities for a clear, healthy complexion.


Product Description

Key Ingredients:

Wakame is a potassium and magnesium-rich seaweed that protects skin against environmental pollutants.

Bladderwrack is an antioxidant and mineral-rich seaweed known for its water-binding properties, supporting healthy skin hydration and nourishment.

Activated Charcoal helps remove toxins from the skin’s surface.

Green Tea is a potent antioxidant and provides free radical protection.



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Activated Charcoal Powder, Aloe Vera Extract, Bladderwrack Seaweed Extract, Wakame Seaweed Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Apricot Seed Powder, Menthol

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