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Weight Loss

Dr. Lombardo gives us his thoughts on weight loss and why many different methods out in the marketplace fail. So you finally resolved to focus on your health in 2017 and lose those extra pounds that have been hanging around and slowing you down. What's next?  If...

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Zika Virus

Here is some timely advice from our very own Dr. Emily Arch on staying safe during your upcoming travels. Despite the chilly weather, warmer months are almost upon us! Soon we will all be spending more time enjoying the outdoors. As dermatologists, we spend much of...

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Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Here are some easy to follow tips from The Skin Cancer Foundation that will help keep you safe  from this preventable disease. Seek the shade. Especially between the hours of 10am and 4pm when the sun is at it's strongest. DO NOT BURN. A person's risk for melanoma,...

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