If you are one of the thousands of people suffering from weight gain and wanting to lose weight without success, you may have considered and or tried multiple diets for weight loss only to rebound right back to where you started. It is difficult to lose weight because your body is built to store fat. This is a natural survival mechanism that your body has, which is the reason why, if you start eating too little food through reduced calories alone, the body will instantly put your metabolism into slow motion and you’ll wonder why you’re not losing weight if you’re eating less. The media has marketed the idea of “calories in vs calories out” or “eat less and exercise” as the solution to weight issues. Unfortunately, for many this is not enough.

hCG(human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that we all produce, which helps to regulate other hormone production and assists the body in preserving lean body mass and metabolizing fat. When combined with a low fat, ketogenic (carbohydrate restricted) diet, hCG can help stabilize the fat metabolism process and preserve resting metabolism. This in turn will help prevent the rebound effect found in so many other diets upon completion.

hCG assisted programs are also not a “one size fits all” method. Some people do well on the standard original program developed over 50 years ago, while others need more customized solutions to keep their body burning fat for energy.  The problem with most fad diets out there is that they are based on “weight” loss, not “fat” loss, and we all want “fat” loss. The number in the scale shouldn’t matter, it’s the body composition that makes a difference to your health and the way you look in and out of your clothes. The goal in this type of program is to be lean, not just light. Successfully matching the proper personalized diet with daily hCG will help you accomplish the weight loss and fat loss you desire.

This informational piece was written by our very own Dr. Ryan Lombardo. If you would like to schedule a wellness consultation with Dr. Ryan Lombardo, call us at 773.276.1100, email us, or click here.