Dr. Lombardo joined our team last Fall to provide integrative solutions for our patients who battle overall health conditions that ultimately present in skin conditions. When you dive into this, the overlap is fascinating! For instance, often patients come to us with inflammatory issues such as eczema, psoriasis, urticaria and more. Many have an underlying condition that is revealed through customized lab work and consultation with Dr. Lombardo. Modifications to lifestyle, diet, nutritional supplements and stress are common solutions to those seeking counsel. Each patient is unique, and each has a different course of treatment.

Dr. Lombardo’s most requested service is wellness counseling primarily focused on weight management. These programs have been proven clinically effective time and time again when the provider and patient are actively committed to their success.

Dr. Lombardo states “People often ask about success rates with medical weight loss programs during their consultations. My answer may surprise you because “it depends” is hardly what anyone wants to hear. Diet success rates depend on a number of factors, including a person’s mindset going into the program and their commitment throughout. “Weight” loss versus “fat” loss is the main obstacle for most people because they are different goals and require different diet and exercise strategies.

“For instance, If stress and high cortisol is the issue, we can test cortisol levels and use herbal supplements, acupuncture, exercise and/or meditation along with the proper diet. If someone is really trying to get leaner, we may incorporate a ketogenic or paleo program with resistance training and reduce cardio exercise significantly. Plus, ketosis is proven to elevate mood, which helps keep people motivated and compliant.

“Consistent compliance with the chosen program is necessary for as long as it takes… It may take longer for some people to realize the benefits but it will work if committed. Many people feel entitled to eat what they say “they should be able to eat” and still see results. Maybe it’s because of what their friends or family can eat or what they read online or what they see on TV. In the end, each person’s physiology is slightly different and needs to be optimized accordingly to achieve the results they desire. Success rates are actually very high for those that follow a personalized program.”

If you would like to schedule a wellness consultation with Dr. Ryan Lombardo, call us at 773.276.1100, email us, or click here.