Dear Patients,

Out of great caution and concern, we have unanimously decided to close Dermatology and Aesthetics and skin1765 starting March 17th until May 4, and longer if needed.  We care too much about the health of our patients, staff, and neighborhoods to increase the risk of the “community spread” of COVID-19. Having spoken to peers across our local and national medical communities about the severity of this issue we feel a sense of solidarity.

We have multiple methods available through which you and your family may communicate with our office “virtually” through our Klara system, direct email, and phone.  We will be triaging cases as needed and will make arrangements for urgent cases and/or issues that might need to be seen in a time-sensitive fashion.

We are now offering virtual TeleHealth appointments with some of our providers. If you would like to make an appointment for a virtual dermatology appointment, please reach out to us.

Our phones and Klara will be operating during this period in a contracted schedule of hours. Please reach out to us through

Phone (773) 276-1100


Text our Klara app: (773)-832-5346.

Hours of Operation:
3/30 – 4/5: 10:00am – 3:00pm
4/6 – 5/4: 10:00am – 2:00pm

  • We will be available for rescheduling of current appointments and setting up future visits.
  • We will manage triage questions and refill requests. Please contact us directly instead of submitting the request through the pharmacy or we may not receive the request in a timely manner.
  • We are accepting TeleHealth visits. Please reach out for more information and to schedule. 
  • For our skin1765 clients, WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING ONLINE ORDERS during this time, but shipping may take longer than usual. Thank you for your patience. If you are in need of a product not available online, please contact us at

If we have not yet connected with you to reschedule your appointment for this week or next, we will do so in the next day or two. We apologize for any delay as there are many patients to contact at this time.

As physicians and business owners in Chicago, we ask that everyone please stay safe and avoid social gatherings until further instructed.  We should all be practicing our “social distancing” and keeping those most susceptible to the virus, the elderly, chronically ill and immune-compromised, under close observation for the development of symptoms.  Most individuals infected with COVID-19 may be only minimally symptomatic. Current world data has shown it is only a small percentage of infected patients who become severely ill enough to require hospitalization and intensive care management.  We do know there have been cases in young and middle-aged adults so social distancing is very important.

Please stay tuned for further updates from us as the situation unfolds and evolves.  We are grateful that you put your lives in our hands and will do everything to support you and our staff through this time.


Keren Horn, MD

Meyer Horn, MD

Neha Robinson, MD

Medical Directors