Masks have prompted a lot more focus on the eyes!

Now that wearing a mask has become the norm, the eyes are brought into greater focus, which means the signs of aging around the eyes is much more noticeable. Repetitive creasing of the skin from smiling and squinting can cause crow’s feet. The best treatment for these types of lines of expression is neuromodulators, such as Botox, but other aging processes occur around the eyes to which Botox is not always the answer.

 + Collagen breakdown leads to laxity or skin sagging. Eyelids can be droopy and feel heavy. A great treatment option for laxity around the eyes is with a radiofrequency device, Pelleve. Pelleve is a gentle, no downtime treatment. An initial series of 4 treatments stimulates the production of new collagen and results are seen in the 6 months following the series.

 + Volume loss may make the under-eye area appear hollow and dark circles more noticeable. PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) is a great treatment to reduce these signs of aging. PRP is injected into the undereye area over a series of three treatments and results are seen in the three months following. There is minimal downtime in the form of mild swelling for approximately 48 hours after the treatment.  

 + Crepiness or very fine wrinkles is another sign of aging people notice around the eye. Glytone Eye Peels are mild chemical peels safe to be performed in this area that help reduce fine textural changes. Minimal flaking can last 1-2 days after the treatment. Results are seen after a series of four treatments.