Jennifer Merrick

Licensed Esthetician

Jennifer Merrick has a deep passion for the dermatologic and aesthetic industries which led her to graduate with honors from the Florida College of Natural Health with an Associate of Science in Paramedical Skin Care in 2006. Jennifer has extensive knowledge in microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermaplaning, and skin care regimen. Her experience in treating sun damaged, aging skin, rosacea, and acne has played an important role in helping her patients look their absolute best. Jennifer works closely with the physicians at Dermatology + Aesthetics, to achieve the maximum results possible for our patients.


“My favorite service to perform would have to be the Dermapeel! I love that it offers such great results and is performed in a 30 minute time frame. The combination of both physical and chemical exfoliation leaves patients with a fresh and bright appearance. The treatment itself can be specifically tailored to any patient so its not limited to only one skin type. In order to achieve best results. I always recommend starting with a series of treatments along with a good at home regimen.”


“My favorite product in my personal regimen: Revision Brightening Facial Wash. I have turned into a cleanser snob over the years and this has become a new love since working at D+A. It’s gentle enough on my sensitive skin and smells amazing too. It does a great job removing my makeup and skin impurities without leaving my skin feeling dull and dry.”