The Revolution has arrived at D + A

More people are getting vaccinated and life is starting to go back to “normal.” We’re actually planning vacations, going to restaurants, and feeling more comfortable being around other humans outside of our quarantine bubble.  

The idea of socializing in person for the first time in over a year has reignited interest in many aesthetic services. One of the most requested services, Laser hair removal, delivers specific wavelengths of light into the skin where it is absorbed and converted into heat energy. This destroys the hair follicle (without damaging the surrounding skin) and inhibits future hair growth.

But doesn’t it hurt?

If you haven’t experienced the “hot, snapping rubber band” sensation of laser beams being absorbed by your hair follicles, you may know someone who has undergone this light form of torture (pun intended). Laser hair removal may be one of the most common cosmetic laser procedures, and it’s been available for decades, but there haven’t been very many advancements in the technology.
Until NOW! Welcome to the future, where the laser beams used to be intolerable, or uncomfortable at best, are now virtually pain-free! Introducing the Motus AX: a high-speed, Alexandrite laser with a handpiece that delivers faster, more efficient energy to destroy hair painlessly.

Call, text, or visit us online to schedule your appointment so you can enjoy a carefree, hair-free summer!